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Rhonda's recent production of the FOR THE LOVE OF (or, the roller derby play) was chosen to participate in Center Theatre Group's 2019 Block Party and will be remounted at the Kirk Douglas this Spring - Click here for Press Release

Rhonda Kohl was awarded the 2016 SDCF Traube Directing fellowship to work with Kathleen Marshall on the Broadway premiere of IN TRANSIT - Click Here For Press Release

Rhonda Kohl was awarded a 2018 Directing Observership with NAMT (National Alliance for Musical Theatre) - Click Here for Press Release


FOR THE LOVE OF (or, the roller derby play)at Kirk Douglas Theatre                                          

"inventively staged... stylized dance moves, creatively choreographed by director Rhonda Kohl....strap yourself in for this gritty, exuberant lap through the rough-riding world of roller derby" - Gary Goldstein, LA Times (click to read full review)))

" a barrage of brilliant direction, choreography, artistic style and acting... astonishing visuals...the new production soars...That marvel of perfect direction and choreography can be credited to Rhonda Kohl -Shari Barrett, Broadway World (click to read full review))

"Director Rhonda Kohl choreographing like you’ve never seen a play choreographed before" - Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Brilliantly staged and choreographed" - Travis Michael Holder, Ticket Holders LAF


FOR THE LOVE OF (or, the roller derby play)at Theatre of NOTE

"seductively rousing" with "high-velocity staging" and " sizzling choreography by director Rhonda Kohl (no actual roller skates are used during the evening) and uniformly fine-grained performances by an electric ensemble,  are enough to make Femia’s story feel arena-scaled even on Theatre of NOTE’s uncommonly intimate stage." - Bill Radner, LA Weekly (click to read full review)

"Director/Choreographer Rhonda Kohl captures the gritty, dance-like quality of the sport" - Dana Martin, Stage Raw

 " energetic dive....and although they couldn't skate on stage, the phenomenal choreography more than makes up for it. It is intricate, exhilarating, and lends a sense of authenticity to the roles these women play. The choreography is unexpectedly interesting and  my favorite part of this show." - Bianca Richter, Annenberg Media

"Throughout there are moments where interesting and in some ways provocative dances are performed and the performances are all superbly executed by the cast and well-choreographed by director/choreographer Rhonda Kohl." - Ron Irwin, LA Post Examiner

"Imaginatively staged action sequences, wherein the all-female multi-culti cast actually appears to be skating...Somehow director and choreographer Rhonda Kohl and her gifted cast manage to pull it off." - Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

"The splendidly choreographed skating scenes take you right down onto the track"  - Dick Price and Sharon Kyle, Hollywood Progressive.



"in a dream pas-de-deux exquisitely choreographed by Rhonda Kohl" - Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"exquisite Rhonda Kohl choreography, beautifully executed" -Alisa Hayashida, South Pasadenan




"Director Rhonda Kohl deftly strikes a balance between narrative sobriety and daft hilarity, never losing the stakes and skirting camp without falling into it." - David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

"The production’s great fun is made possible in no small part by Rhonda Kohl’s whimsical direction, and the consistently strong work of the ensemble" - Lovel Estell III, Stage Raw

"Outrageously funny and deeply enjoyable" " perfectly hilarious and thoroughly entertaining", "evidence of true genius at work" - Ron Irwin, Examiner

"Theatrical magic!” "Director Rhonda Kohl has masterfully melded her cast into a finely tuned ensemble and they played together as well as off each other splendidly." - Rob Stevens ,

"...Rhonda Kohl providing masterfully imaginative direction and a team of topnotch actors and designers at her command." , "Under Kohl’s direction, a sensational cast deliver one performance gem after another" - Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Fast-paced direction with latitude for whimsical comic touches, and a synergy among cast members that makes believable the fanciful stratagems employed to get the job done." - Melinda Schupmann,

"Director Rhonda Kohl deserves kudos for keeping this globe and stage spinning, along with audience members’ heads....The play’s rendering of an elephant is far more visually inventive than any of the pic’s special FX. Because when it comes to the arts, imagination and artistry outstrip and outrank money any day." - Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

"Director Rhonda Kohl’s intimate production has a lovely Twilight Zone quality to it, anchored by McNamara and Marcus’s multi-dimensional, believable characters." - Paul Birchall,

"One of those little gems that comes out of nowhere, and lands like a delayed reaction bomb." - David C. Nichols, LA Times critic

"The most affecting love story at Fringe was the heartbreaking Pocket Universe, a haunting hybrid of Rabbit Hole, and The Twilight Zone. The audience around me weeped and gasped through the chilling twists (beautifully performed by Rick Marcus and Nan McNamara). " - Xaque Gruber, Huffington Post

"Director Rhonda Kohl keeps her actors moving about and helps them navigate the difficult tonal changes in the play. The actors do stellar work and the emotional payoff really delivers. Pocket Universe is one of those rare gems that makes mining the Fringe Festival worth the effort." - Rob Stevens,

"Choreographer Rhonda Kohl finds ingenious ways to insert a number of lively dance sequences among songs, “On The Highway Of Love” offering her, her cast, and four office chairs on rollers to perform some nifty “car-eography.” - Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"choreographer and assistant director Rhonda Kohl, patterns of movement and dance excel!" - Montague Gammon III, Viginia Pilot